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Kid Inspired Creatures i built on the creativity and happiness of kids across the globe. We love to see the smiling photos of each child, as they open their softie for the first time, and the stories of what they and their softie did that day. Creating for and with kids is my primary passion, but giving to them is right up there. 
Here in San Antonio, we have plenty of kids who are little artists. 
Some of these send their art to me, along with all of you from other places in the country and world. Some of these kids, however, have never heard of what I do. Some hardly have a softie to call their own and cuddle. 

I recently made a new friend who is the Literacy Coordinator for a group of local charter schools that help kids with troubled home lives, who were maybe recently placed in foster care, or just have a really rough life outside the classroom. As we were talking one day, she told me she had given away three of her own sweaters to these little guys (Kinder-5th grade) because they had come to school with short sleeve shirts on, and it was 40 degrees outside!
Something had to be done, I thought!
During the month of December, I organized a warm hat/beanie drive for these kids. 
We gathered and made (I crochet, other friends sew and crochet
over 90 hats 
to take to one of the 8 schools. 
So one morning, just before Christmas break, I went over to one of the schools, read each classroom my book "Softie Tales" and had each child choose a hat to keep their heads warm.  
It was an amazing way to start Christmas, y'all. 

Here are a few photos from that wonderful, tear-jerking day:

It's pretty obvious that these kids and I had an awesome day. 
 I had such an amazing response locally to this endeavor, I've decided to open it up to everyone who sees this blog. 
Between now and next year, I'd like to collect enough hats for each child at ALL 8 SCHOOLS. There are approx 100 students per school, so that puts our goal at 800 hats! If we can reach this rather quickly, I may open it up to coats/fleece hoodies as well. 
If you'd like to send hats my way, shoot me an email with the subject line "Hats for BRATS" 
The BRATS in the name stands for Brilliant, Radiant, Artistic, Talented Students. 
I also have a Facebook Page up and running for this organization, so go "Like" and stay in the loop for how we're coming along to our goal.

Once we get the ball rolling, I'll put up a little goal-tracker, that will increase every time I receive hats.   In only 6 weeks, I was able to collect over 90 hats, so I'm thinking we can definately do 800 in a year's time. We've totally got this. :)
Thoughts? Comments? 
I'm looking forward to next year already! 

Here is a printable flyer if you'd like to pass it around your school, church, or workplace. Thanks for your support!
Kid Inspired Creatures Cares Flyer

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