Happy Endings

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This might be my favorite page of the blog;
happy kids with their new softie friends!

"Sam loves his owl. He has said it's going to replace "bunny", which he has had since he was a baby. We were all so suprised by this! He has a couple more animals he has drawn that he would like made into softies as well, so get ready! Thank you so much for creating Samuel's owl!"
                                                                     -Ed, Samuel's dad


 Hi Beverli,

Attached you will find a photo with Maria and the toy. She loved it! Thank you again.

Kind regards,


Dasha with "Devil"

Hi Beverli -

I  wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that we gave Dasha her birthday gifts today, and she loved God and Devil very much. Thanks again for transforming such a special idea into reality for her. I am pretty sure she will want to bring God and Devil to Show and Tell next week, I wish I could be there to see the look on the teacher's face!
If you ever need a good reference, please don't hesitate to contact me.

                                        "God is nice he is trying to make people happy lives.
He has a big nice heart. He does not have any legs,
 instead he has a invisible floaty."   

"The devil lost its teeth so, he put them on his
yucky Bloody shoes. His mouth is so bloody
that everybody just ignores him. He has little
 knives on his hands. He has a tiny heart."


We received the vampire today and Joseph is just in love!  He can't wait to take it to show and tell to show all his friends the vampire a lady made for him as he says. Again thank you!


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