Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gentle Giants

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When I received an email from Zoe,  I knew I was going to love creating this little one.

You see, for the last few years I have come to a fine appreciation of elephants, and their gentle nature. These giants could do some serious damage if they set their mind to it, but rarely ever do.
They are wonderful, graceful gentle giants.
So I began Zoe's Paisley Elephant.
It was important for her to be soft and fuzzy, Zoe said, much like the grey cat I created a few weeks ago.
So that's just what I did.
She is a beautiful  little giant, and is on her way to Zoe.

Enjoy her, sweet girl!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Softie Bunch

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(To the tune of the Brady Bunch)

This is the story of a mom named Katie

Who was bringing up two very lovely girls

With a dad named Adam,

They drew their family,

By Claire, age5
By Claire, age 5

And that's the way that they became the Softie Bunch!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cutest Vampire Ever!

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What an amazing week! Lots of progress, lots of creativity, and two little friends created!

Joseph drew a very cute ....erm I mean scary vampire!
I'm having trouble parting with the little guy!

Gingerbread  Man By: Atticus, age 5
I am having a blast creating, and I just found out I"m on Pinterest too! YaY!

Keep the pictures coming guys, I can't wait to see what else your kiddos have created!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Pig's New Clothes

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Once upon a time there lived a vain Pig whose only worry in life was to dress in elegant clothes.
He changed clothes almost every hour and loved to show them off to his people.

  Word of the Pig's refined habits spread over his kingdom and beyond.
Two scoundrels who had heard of the Pig's vanity decided to take advantage of it.
They introduced themselves at the gates of the palace with a scheme in mind.
"Besides being invisible, your Highness, this cloth will be woven in colors and patterns created especially for you." The Pig gave the two men a bag of gold coins in exchange for their promise to begin working on the fabric immediately.

After a long while, the Pig received the announcement that the two tailors had come to take all the measurements needed to complete his new suit.
"Your Highness, you'll have to take off your clothes to try on your new ones." The two scoundrels draped the new clothes on him and then held up a mirror. He saw nothing.
The Pig was embarrassed but since none of his bystanders were, he felt relieved.

      "Yes, this is a beautiful suit and it looks very good on me," the Pig said trying to look comfortable.
"You've done a fine job."
He summoned his carriage and the ceremonial parade was formed. A group of dignitaries walked at the very front of the procession and anxiously scrutinized the faces of the people in the street.

They all tried to conceal their disappointment at not being able to see the clothes, and since nobody was willing to admit his own stupidity and incompetence, they all behaved as the two scoundrels had predicted.

A child, however, who had no important job and could only see things as his eyes showed them to him, went up to the carriage.
      "The Pig is naked!" he said.

The Pig realized that the people were right but could not admit to that.
He though it better to continue the procession under the illusion that anyone who couldn't see his clothes was either stupid or incompetent.

Everyone quite enjoyed his heart printed underpants, though!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Three Hairs and Two Teeth = One Cute Softie

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"It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child." --Pablo Picasso

I was talking to my mother this morning, and she reminded me of the first person I ever drew-
Basically a head with arms and legs.
I hope she finds my drawing soon, so that I can make my first little person, just to keep me company while making other children's drawings into little stuffed  friends.

Emma drew a very cute little doll, and I'm sure it wasn't her first.
I loved the buck teeth and glasses.
The removeable vest was a must-have accessory, and really completed the look.
I hope you enjoy your new friend, Emma!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Storytime Saturday

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Let me tell you a story.
Once upon a time, not so long ago, there were two brothers named Evan and Gabriel.
They were both amazing artists.
One day, their mother said, "How would you like to see your dragon come to life, Evan?"
And that's just what happened.

Evan became very excited and began running around the room.

Soon, Gabriel noticed the commotion, and came into see what his brother was so excited about.
He saw his brother's dragon and quickly drew a turtle, and handed it to his mother.

" I would like my drawing to come to life too!" he said.
His mother smiled, and POOF!
That's just what happened.

The boys hugged their mother, and ran into the playroom to enjoy their new play friends.
They made stories and adventures, and had hours and days and weeks of fun with their toys.
They never fought again, or argued over trivial things, like who ACTUALLY tracked mud through the house.

Ok, so maybe that last part is a little far fetched, but I suppose anything could happen!
Happy Belated Birthday, to Evan, artist behind the "Dark Dragon".
Your softies will be on the way soon, boys!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Let's Do a Little Math!

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Ok, so maybe you don't have to do any of the math, but I sure did!
Miriam, 7, From Germany, sent me a photo she'd drawn from a special kind of pig she loves.
Her father sent a few photos of real pigs, to reference.
So here is the math.
What do you get when you add this:

to this:
Well, you might have thought of your own sort of piggy, but here is the sum that I got.
Ready for the REALLY fun part?
Miriam's father wrote, "it is very important to have the little poo to come with the pig."
 Of course it's important! I mean have you ever seen a clean pig? Not I!
So here I am, laughing my socks off, stuffing a plush pile of poo.

Enjoy, Miriam, your pig is on it's way!