Friday, March 2, 2012

Let's Do a Little Math!

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Ok, so maybe you don't have to do any of the math, but I sure did!
Miriam, 7, From Germany, sent me a photo she'd drawn from a special kind of pig she loves.
Her father sent a few photos of real pigs, to reference.
So here is the math.
What do you get when you add this:

to this:
Well, you might have thought of your own sort of piggy, but here is the sum that I got.
Ready for the REALLY fun part?
Miriam's father wrote, "it is very important to have the little poo to come with the pig."
 Of course it's important! I mean have you ever seen a clean pig? Not I!
So here I am, laughing my socks off, stuffing a plush pile of poo.

Enjoy, Miriam, your pig is on it's way!

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