Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year, New Softies!

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I'm going to keep this one short and sweet 
and get right to the softies...

This year I'd like to meet new kiddos (and their grown ups!)
Here are a few fun softies from Christmas orders...
I can't wait to see what I get to make for your kiddos this year!
Hope you all had a fabulous New Year! 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

You're Gonna be a Star, Kiddo!

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Christmas is just around the corner! 
Have you sent me your kiddo's drawings yet?
I'm working through the artwork quicker than I expected this year, so I have several slots open for "Pre-Christmas" delivery orders. 

Sometimes, I'll receive siblings who have drawn pictures to have made into softies. Sometimes, less frequently, siblings will draw themselves, and want their softies to "play together" once they arrive at home. 
These next three are a totally new kind of request for me!
Three brothers, Ammon, Joey and Ben all drew themselves to work together and put on an imaginary TV show called "Zack and Friends" (Stay tuned, if that show hits YouTube, I'll post a link here!!) 
The boys' mom says " Ben started this imaginary tv show and comic called "Zack and Friends" a couple years ago. And ever since then he's been adding new characters all the time! He'll come up to me and show me all the new, different, and cute characters he's made. He'll even ask me to make one! How can I say no to that?! I now have a little girl in the show named Zoe and she's Zack's little sister :) He even asked his brothers to make their own characters! The one with the black hair and Batman shirt is named Milo, and the one with the square head is named Lucas. Ben told me that when he gets older he wants to create his own network called "Ben Studios" "
How cool is this? Maybe I'll get to make future softies for their show.... :)
So, without further ado....Here are the three boys!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bring in Fall Weather!

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Hello again, friends!
I've received several emails from you all asking if I'm still making toys, and the answer is yes! 
This summer has thrown several curve balls at us, and it's slowed my progress, but here I am, back in action, and ready to get all your kiddo's toys done in time for Christmas time!

Here is a recent little guy I've created, he was one of three going to this family. 
He's a WOGEL!

My Christmas orders have started trickling in, so be sure to get in line before all the slots fill! I can't wait to see what little creatures I'll get to make this year!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Have April Showers brought May Flowers?

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They sure have here!
My basil is growing like a weed, and even my garlic and onions are shooting up out of the soil. 
Yay, home grown herbs!

On a related note, I have NOT stopped making softies,
I've just been much more active on FaceBook lately with the contests I've been running. 
(way fun! If you haven't joined, and "Like" our page, hurry and visit to get in on the goodies!)
I'd like to do a Father's Day Contest next. MUCH FUN to be had!

So here are my latest and greatest...

Meet Ralph.
He is several creatures combined into one, and let me be the first to say...was a labor of love. This guy took weeks to complete :)
I kinda got attached to him...

Next up is a really cute four armed robot

He turned out SO soft and cuddly!

Here's Carolina's version of "Jack Skellington"
 On this little monster, I got to use one of the functions on my new machine that allows me to "draw".... fun!

 This awesome tadpole was made for Geoff's baby! He was born in January, and this guy is  fully jointed and soft, cuddly fleece.
The toenails are just too much. LOVE the toenails!
They were also created with functions on my new machine.
I am just loving that thing!

So, the Mother's Day contest was very fun, I got a lot of cute mommy and me drawings in! I can't wait for the Father's Day contest!

Keep in touch, y'all, and come see me on FaceBook!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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Happy March!
This year has just blown by! It seems like I looked out the window and it was cold and windy, and then suddenly it's warm and a little balmy. Oh wait, I live in south Texas.
Totally normal!
I don't know too much about the Chinese calender, but I'm thinking this MUST be the year of the bird. I started 2013 with two of them!
Aren't they adorable and totally unique?

What would a couple birds be without a cat to chase them?

There are even little shapes that fit in his orange pouch!
....and now for something totally different and random...
A volcano with a rainbow!

Looking forward to all the fun softies 2013 will bring, hope you're all having a great year!

Friday, January 25, 2013

New Year, New Machine...Let's get this Party Started!

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Hello Friends!
Welcome to the first softie- laden post of the new year!
I've been working my tail off on several different plush companions, and a few new projects as well...which I'll post later ;)
I thank all of you for your support, everyone who has "pinned" me, shared my FB page, and bought a book...Thanks!
I'm looking forward to another year of making softies for kids all over the world. For my international folks, I have just secured worldwide shipping for the same as domestic; just $12!
I'm very excited about this :)
The new sewing machine has a TON of cool options, one of those is EMBROIDERY! So, if you'd like your child's name embroidered on the back, maybe even with the date, let me know when you send your order info, and I'll be sure and get that added! There are a couple different fonts as well, and I'll get photos and add those to the order page soon.


Also, my FB page recently reached 100 likes, and for every 100 from now through March I'll be giving away a softie to a lucky kiddo! To enter, go to
and "Like" us. Once you do, send me a message of your child's name, age and artwork. The first 20 I receive will go into a drawing and I'll announce winners the first week of March. Good Luck to all!

And a couple more.... just can't leave these out...


Looking forward to our softie giveaway, and hearing from all of you! :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kid Inspired Creatures Cares

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Good Morning, everyone!
If you're a subscriber to my FB page, you'll know about this, but for those of you who aren't, I wanted to share!
My newest adventure with Kid Inspired Creatures is a community organization to keep kids warm in our "Texas winters"
Here are a few photos of our recent hat drive... It was amazing, y'all!


 We do have a name for this endeavor...
It's called Hats for B.R.A.T.S; that's Brilliant, Radiant, Artistic, Talented students. 

More information about this can be found on the "Kid Inspired Creatures Cares" tab, here on this blog, and we also have a FB page... so find us, like and share :)
Let's make the 2013 Give Away the best yet!