Saturday, October 26, 2013

You're Gonna be a Star, Kiddo!

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Christmas is just around the corner! 
Have you sent me your kiddo's drawings yet?
I'm working through the artwork quicker than I expected this year, so I have several slots open for "Pre-Christmas" delivery orders. 

Sometimes, I'll receive siblings who have drawn pictures to have made into softies. Sometimes, less frequently, siblings will draw themselves, and want their softies to "play together" once they arrive at home. 
These next three are a totally new kind of request for me!
Three brothers, Ammon, Joey and Ben all drew themselves to work together and put on an imaginary TV show called "Zack and Friends" (Stay tuned, if that show hits YouTube, I'll post a link here!!) 
The boys' mom says " Ben started this imaginary tv show and comic called "Zack and Friends" a couple years ago. And ever since then he's been adding new characters all the time! He'll come up to me and show me all the new, different, and cute characters he's made. He'll even ask me to make one! How can I say no to that?! I now have a little girl in the show named Zoe and she's Zack's little sister :) He even asked his brothers to make their own characters! The one with the black hair and Batman shirt is named Milo, and the one with the square head is named Lucas. Ben told me that when he gets older he wants to create his own network called "Ben Studios" "
How cool is this? Maybe I'll get to make future softies for their show.... :)
So, without further ado....Here are the three boys!


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  1. Hello Beverli,
    I've tried emailing you but have gotten no reply whatsoever. It's been 6 weeks and these softies are not here yet. Have you shipped them yet? Christmas is in 2 weeks and I'm getting nervous that they won't be here and my boys will have nothing for Christmas.