Monday, May 13, 2013

Have April Showers brought May Flowers?

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They sure have here!
My basil is growing like a weed, and even my garlic and onions are shooting up out of the soil. 
Yay, home grown herbs!

On a related note, I have NOT stopped making softies,
I've just been much more active on FaceBook lately with the contests I've been running. 
(way fun! If you haven't joined, and "Like" our page, hurry and visit to get in on the goodies!)
I'd like to do a Father's Day Contest next. MUCH FUN to be had!

So here are my latest and greatest...

Meet Ralph.
He is several creatures combined into one, and let me be the first to say...was a labor of love. This guy took weeks to complete :)
I kinda got attached to him...

Next up is a really cute four armed robot

He turned out SO soft and cuddly!

Here's Carolina's version of "Jack Skellington"
 On this little monster, I got to use one of the functions on my new machine that allows me to "draw".... fun!

 This awesome tadpole was made for Geoff's baby! He was born in January, and this guy is  fully jointed and soft, cuddly fleece.
The toenails are just too much. LOVE the toenails!
They were also created with functions on my new machine.
I am just loving that thing!

So, the Mother's Day contest was very fun, I got a lot of cute mommy and me drawings in! I can't wait for the Father's Day contest!

Keep in touch, y'all, and come see me on FaceBook!


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