Monday, November 12, 2012

Back in the Saddle!

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Hello Everyone!
After a very busy couple of weeks getting the book out, and working on a couple intricate, detailed peices, I'm finally back in action! I LOVE being able to use a little artistic liscense on fabrics, and interpretation of drawings!
Here are a few of the cuties I've done in the last couple weeks...
This is Bluebell. She was drawn by a very creative little girl in Australia named Sophie.

Next, I remade a bunny that belonged to a very special mom.

I was told that the little bunny once had arms, and to please add them....and it turned out adorable!

Then, Chloe and her brother sent in a couple fun photos...
Here is Chloe's Cat with a FANTASTIC tail. How do you not love this tail?
 And here is her brother's Manticore

A few months ago, I made "Masterpeice Lady" for a sweet little girl named Emerson.
Some mean person stole the box right off their porch!
(Whoever you should be ashamed of yourself)
After searching through my delivery confirmation receipts, Emerson's mom and I discovered it had indeed been delivered...and stolen. So....we made it better....softer...stronger...
Ok, I'm being a nerd, I'll stop. haha.
I also got to do a self portrait of a little girl named Kristen.
This one, y'all...I wanted to keep.
It's been a very fun month, and this year has just FLOWN by.
I"m thinking of doing some kind of Christmas giveaway...
Maybe a voucher for a softie with a copy of the book?




  1. omg that would be great!! I wanna enter!!
    love these :)

  2. I would LOVE to have a Christmas giveaway going on through your site! My nephew is 3 and a half, and I would be the most super aunt ever to be able to give him something like this for Christmas. :)