Saturday, December 8, 2012

Quick update!!

Pin It Now! Hello everyone :)
I wanted to take a quick second to post the names of the softies that were shipped out today AND let you all know I have 5 openings for rush orders. :)

Here are the little guys that got shipped out today, I'll add photos soon...

2 Canadian monsters - shipped to Melinda in BC

Jennifer's Creature - shipped to Traci

Jack's robot creature - shipped to Karla

Super Luke -- shipped to Luke :)

Blue cyclops -- shipped to Corey

Kyler's scribble monster -- shipped to Kyler

New York monster -- shipped to Ivy

I have Girrafecula on my sewing table first today, and four more (fingers crossed) to complete this weekend.

Happy Shopping everyone!

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  1. HI there! :) My name is Stephanie, and I'd like to do something really special for my best friend, Ryan, for Christmas this year. If I sent you his drawing between today and tomorrow, how soon could I receive it? (Of course I understand shipping or even finishing by then is unlikely, so no worries). Thank you so much!