Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Best Christmas EVER!

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Someone...that we know...got  new sewing machine for Christmas :)
This has been quite the learning experience, and I'm having a blast appying all the new bells and whistles to my softies.
Since the last post was mostly infomation, this one will be the softies I've completed :)

Cake-A-Roo! Half cake, Half Kangaroo!

Madelin's mom wanted to make sure the purple flower she picked and pressed for her drawing made it to the softie.

Camille's mom said she especially loved the color blue, so the little black and white robot turned blue :)

A giraffe-vampire? Too cute...
Excuse me, little bee...I'm a bit concerned you might squash that flower...

 Super cuddly, soft, and with purple hair! 
Who doesn't love purple hair?

 Willie, the pup with a very long neck :)

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