Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Few Interesting Softies

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Have you ever seen the Cornell University clock tower?
Apparently, in October1997, someone decided, as a prank, to climb to the top, and place a hollowed out, preserved pumpkin on the very top! It was up there until March 1998, when crane operators accidently bumped it, and it fell some 20 feet to some scaffolding. It was still intact from being frozen though!

So there's your history lesson for the day :)
I was contacted to re-create this clock tower, in cartoonish form, complete with pumpkin. Here's a photo of the McGraw Tower, itself:

Every time I see this picture, I just think "How in the world did they get all the way up there without injury?"

Anywho, here is the completed tower :)

Also, I got an email from Andrew's mom, who sent me a Santa that he drew. It's never too early to prepare for Christmas, I suppose!

Here is Andrew's drawing:

Super Cute, isn't it?

Here is his santa softie

Where are my reindeer?

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