Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Two Sweet Girls

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What an incredibly fun week this has been!
My birthday was on the 8th, and it seems like everyone, in their own little way, made sure that I felt special on my day.
Thank you all!
I am so blessed!

So, amidst the fun and celebration, I made a "Rainy Day" Softie for a sweet little girl in Missouri.

Here is the drawing of the "Rainy Day" girl
Yes, that is a red-handled umbrella :)

Here is the completed toy

Of course, we had to fit her with her very own rain boots!

Also, I got a very interesting request to make the members of a Korean all-girl band.

So here is the photo of the band:
Now that it's uploaded, it's looking kind of washed out...Sorry!

Here is one of the girls, all done up, with pretty hair and bangs
Onward to another fun week!
This week will be a Santa and a very sweet looking fox.

Hope you all have a great week, and thank you to each of you who made my birthday special. You are SO appreciated!

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