Saturday, September 1, 2012

Foxy and a Little Green Monster

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Hello and Happy almost Autumn, everyone!
Here in Texas we don't have all four seasons every year, and when we do, spring and autumn seem to be abbreviated.
Here's hoping we actually get autumn this year though :)

Our newest adorable softies come from Emily and Jennifer.

Emily drew...rather she OIL PAINTED a cute little fox named Foxy. Here is the painting that her dad sent over to me:

I just can't get over how cute the little tail is!

Here is her Foxy softie

Sniffing around for possible bits of treats my dogs left behind...

LOVE this sweet little fox.

Jennifer's mom sent me a picture of a little green monster that she was hoping to have a soft squishy pillow made from.
The green pigtails are adorable!
So I went on a hunt for soft, squeezable green fleece (that way it's washable too!) and the finished monster turned out to be not so scary of a monster...

Happy First day of September everyone!

Just a friendly reminder: if you'd like a softie made for a special kiddo (or adult!) in your life, and you want it in time for Christmas, please get your orders in this month! At the moment, my waiting list is backed up to Thanksgiving, but there's still time!

Have a great week, y'all!

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