Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sister Softies

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Sophia and Olivia loved to go shopping.
They liked to try on clothes, find handbags to match their outfits, then walk around town looking very pretty.

Sometimes, Olivia would even let her sister borrow her favorite purse!

Sophia loved to play with her hair, and even bought herself a new yellow hair tie on a shopping trip.

One day, while the girls were relaxing in the park, two little girls asked if they could draw a picture of them and their great outfits. 

"You two are so pretty," said the little girls.
Olivia and Sophia smiled, and said, "Of
course you can draw us! We will be very

When the girls finished their drawings, they showed them to Sophia and Olivia, who were very suprised.
"Great job," they told the girls.
"Maybe next time we go shopping you can come with us!"

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