Monday, September 10, 2012

Girlie Girls!

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This week I had a couple very girly little toys to make.
The first one came to me from a very proud grandmother.
Her granddaughter drew a portrait of her, and it seemed only natural to have it made into a 3D little softie.

I saw a tutorial on Pinterest a week or so ago for this cute little flower (the one in her hair) and I think they meant it to be for throw pillows...
But whatever, it can be used for softies! :)
So there are all kinds of kid's stories involving frogs...usually someone gets turned into one, or someone has to kiss one...Yuck!
But have you ever seen a pretty frog?
I mean a hand bag-toting, accessorized, girly girl of a frog?
 I have! And she is sitting happily in my sewing room, awaiting her sister's completion. Her sister is a cute little orange haired coming soon.
Here is the little girly frog and her softie, huggable form...

Hope you all enjoyed these cuties, and just a friendly reminder from your favorite softie artist....
I have 10 slots left for "definatly recieve before Christmas" orders!
They're filling up fast, too!
Also, I'm going to try VERY hard to have my softie short story/drawing book out before Christmas so that they're available on Amazon. If you're intersted in having one (or two, or five!!), leave a comment here or email me, and I'll put you on my list of folks to email as soon as it's available :)
I appreciate all of your continued support, this has been a blast!
And who knows...I might have made more little ones this week that I just can't wait another week to post.

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