Sunday, June 10, 2012

Grandparents and a Couple Cuties!

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May just flew by!
I think I looked at the calendar, and it was the 9th, looked again, and thought "Oh my goodness, tomorrow is JUNE!"

A very sweet email came to me last month. It will be the grandparent's anniversary, and they have a 5 year old grandson, Ryder.
Here is the photo I received.
Now...I didn't think grandma and grandpa would be sporting mohawks, so I asked for a photo, and what kind of hair they REALLY had. Turns out Grandma Nancy has brown shoulder length hair, and Grandpa Jim has a grey combover :) Also, they both have glasses.

As I was formulating how to complete these two, I thought it appropriate that they hold hands, being their anniversary and all. Allison, a friend of ours, suggested magnets for the hands. So that's just what I did.

Another email I got was from Barry, in sunny California.
His brother drew their dad when he was 3years old, and years later wanted to have it made into a softie.
This was a fun challenge :)

He said it should be detailed, and look as close to the photo as possible.
So here is the little "potato head" dad.

Once Potato head dad was completed, the next picture came from Sam in Idaho. His 5 year old granddaughter drew a blue puppy driving a car. This was very important to her because she has been wanting a puppy, and this blue dog is the closest she will come to having one for a while.
So here is Sarah's blue dog drawing:
Here is her completed Blue dog, riding in his car :)

Onward to the next drawings :)
Thank you for the continued drawings, and support.
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