Saturday, June 30, 2012

Texas Heat! One More Reason to Sew!

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My Goodness, the temp hit 110 this week!
The good news is sewing is an indoor hobby...
But I'm SURE I heard sizzling when I went outside barefoot!

This adorable finger painting came to me during my cousin's wedding reception. It was a very cute wedding, and during our chat at the reception, I thought I'd check in, and see if I had any new pictures :) I can't wait to get her little girl, Riley's drawing!

Maja's dad emailed me this painting and said "she keeps turning it this way insisting it's a tractor- I hope you can see it!"

Eric and I turned it around and around...and figured it out!

Aidan's mom sent me a very good drawing of a Golden Retreiver.
This is the first spotted one I have seen, though!

Isn't he adorable? His name is Elvis :)

Here is the completed Elvis softie...

These two will be on their way this week! More to come soon!

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