Thursday, April 12, 2012

Purry, the Cat

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Purry, By Sam, age 5
As I was sitting at my sewing table, a small blue peice of fabric fell out of my bin onto my feet.
"Hmm," I thought, "I wonder what you will be."
I picked it up, remembered a cute drawing that I received recently, and began shaping it into a soft kitty.
"Hi, I am Purry." it said to me.
"My sure came to life quickly!"

I smiled and fitted him with whiskers.
"These will help me to find Sam," he exclaimed.
"When do I get to play with him? We have many adventures to go on!"
He peered around my craft room.
"You will be with him very soon," I assured him, "And you will definatly need your cat-naps when you get there."

"No I won't," said Purry.
"All I need is my boy, Sam. I am so excited!"


  1. And Sam can hardly wait to hold him in his arms. He looks better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much, Bev.

    Carole and Sam

  2. Thanks Carole! He will be with you in just a couple days, so keep a lookout :)