Monday, April 2, 2012

What does God Look Like?

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Answer: Nobody knows.
But for people who were raised with the knowledge of God and the devil as children,
 you may have had your own idea of how they look. 

Dasha, from Georgia, sure does.

So here is what Dasha thinks God looks like. Pretty neat, huh?
"God is nice. He is trying to make people happy lives.
He has a big nice heart. He does not have any legs, instead he has a invisible floaty."

And here is the Devil.
"The devil lost its teeth so, he put them on his yucky Bloody shoes. His mouth is so bloody that everybody just ignores him. He has little knives on his hands. He has a tiny heart."

I hope you enjoy these two, Dasha, they will be on their way soon!

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  1. We can never really know what is going through the mind of children!